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Clients and Visitors

In accordance with recommendations by Macmillan, some therapies may not be suitable for patients with a particular type of cancer or if they are receiving certain treatments. Macmillan emphasise the importance of discussing the potential of experiencing complementary therapy with their Consultant or cancer specialist beforehand. This enables them to find out if any complementary therapies may interfere with their cancer treatment, making it less effective or increasing side effects.

An individual’s health status will determine which therapy is recommended. We advise all patients to begin with four sessions of Reiki as this will not interfere with their medical treatment. Reiki is a non-invasive, hands on healing modality. After four sessions patients can have additional Reiki treatments, and depending on their stage of recovery other therapies are an option provided signed consent from their consultant is obtained. The Centre provide standardised consent documents to fulfil this criteria.

Carers, others supporting patients, and guests are welcome to receive treatments provided they have no significant health conditions. Otherwise, they will also need written consent from a general practitioner.

A significant number of people attending the Centre are referred by medical professionals from Northampton General Hospital including Macmillan, who acknowledge the benefits of complementary therapies to those on a journey through cancer.