The FaceFax Association

Welcome To The FaceFax Association , Registered Charity No. 1111412

When the Facefax Association charity was registered in 2005 it provided support for patients, their families and carers affected by cancer of the head, neck, face and mouth.

In 2009 they extended their services and opened the Dunstone Bennett Complementary Centre.

The charity now offers an integrated approach to health care and support for people affected by any type of cancer.

Supporting people in Northamptonshire affected by any type of cancer.

Welcome to the Facefax Association Charity incorporating the 'Dunstone Bennett Services', which support people in Northamptonshire on a journey through cancer.
Pauline Gibbings, Chair of the Facefax Association
Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialist, Cynthia Spencer Hospice, Northampton

Objectives of the Charity

  • The Facefax Association aims to advance the education of the public and medical professionals in the prevention and treatment of Maxillofacial diseases and other types of cancer.
  • Assist the relief of sickness, preservation and protection of good health for those suffering and their carers from Maxillofacial diseases and other types of cancer.
  • To provide information, complementary therapies, emotional support and practical help.