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As Carol Dunstone and Ann Bennett’s friendship developed they decided to record their respective journeys through cancer to help fellow patients. This led to the publication of their first book, ‘Trilogy: How to Help the Mind, Body & Spirit Survive Mouth, Head & Neck Cancer’, in 2006.   

Trilogy is an inspirational book packed with useful information that may be helpful for people from diagnosis, throughout treatment, to recovery and beyond. It conveys the importance of never giving up hope and emphasises the potential benefits of following the conventional orthodox route, parallel to complementary therapies and various other resources.      

Included in Trilogy are many delicious recipes along with details about the range of different complementary therapies and professional support Carol and Ann found personally beneficial.            

Following the success of Trilogy, Ann Bennett and Carol Dunstone embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between science and spirituality which culminated with the opening of the Dunstone Bennett Complementary Centre in October 2009.                          

As services at the Dunstone Bennett Complementary Centre developed, Carol and Ann decided it was an appropriate time to update their journeys tale in Trilogy and enlarge their original book. In March 2014 their second book ‘No Time for Cancer’, was released.


Trilogy: How to help the Mind, Body & Spirit survive Mouth, Head & Neck Cancer

To help others, these two inspirational women have revealed how they faced the future following diagnosis. They tackle difficult issues like feeding tubes, learning to talk again, dealing with scars and dry mouth and regaining their confidence.

No Time for Cancer: Inspire Yourself to Survive Mouth, Head and Neck Cancer

Carol Dunstone and Anne Bennett's story is a heartwarming and heartbreaking account of a perilous journey through unchartered territory. It's a very personal story of life with oral cancer; the rough and the smooth, no holds barred, nitty gritty of day to day life and what this really means.

Useful Links


These journals are generally aimed at health professionals working in the complementary therapy field but you may find it useful to know what is available.


From the moment you’re diagnosed, through your treatment and beyond, we’re right there with you, offering emotional, physical and financial support.

> Go to the Macmillan Website

Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust is the first national supporter of patients with Thyroid Cancer.

> Go to the Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust website



When the origin of the cancer is not identified with confidence, after initial tests, this is described as Cancer of Unknown Primary or CUP. This Organisation exists to offer information and support to CUP patients, their families and friends; whilst raising awareness of this problem to stimulate action that will improve treatment.

> Go to the Cancer of Unknown Primary Foundation website


The Mouth Cancer Foundation is a charity dedicated to helping and supporting those suffering from or at risk of mouth cancer, throat cancer and other head and neck cancers, as well as providing assistance and information on living with mouth cancer for families, friends and carers.

> Go the the Mouth Cancer Foundations website 


NALC support, educate, communicate, and offer a vital forum for laryngectomees through their 60 clubs up and down the UK

> Go to the The National Association of Laryngectomyee Clubs website 

Get advice and support for carers and the people they care for.

> Go to the Carers Uk website


Bosom Pals is a self help and support group for anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

> Go to the Bosom Pals website


These journals are generally aimed at health professionals working in the complementary therapy field but you may find it useful to know what is available.


This journal is a valuable resource for people seeking information about the use of complementary therapies. It is published 4 times a year.

> Go to the Complementary Therapies in Medicine journal

This journal includes reports on complementary and alternative therapies that are of interest or are being researched. It is published twice a month.

> Go to the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

This journal reports on the scientific understanding of alternative and complementary therapies.

> Read the Integrative Cancer Therapies journal

PubMed is the database of the National Institute for Health in America. It has abstracts from medical journals and scientific papers. You can search the database for articles about complementary and alternative therapies.

> Go to the PubMed website (CAM section)