The FaceFax Association

Useful Information and Products

The Facefax Association aims to educate the public about taking personal responsibility for their health and lifestyle in order to keep well. Representatives from the Charity and the Dunstone Bennett Complementary Centre regularly respond to invitations to attend events and give talks to groups and organisations in the community.

For anyone experiencing health concerns it is advisable to seek medical advice as soon as possible. This will hopefully lead to peace of mind and alleviate any concerns. It is widely reported that ‘An early diagnosis is important because it increases the potential for a favourable recovery.’

Help Yourself Today - Are you registered with a Doctor and Dentist?

Being registered with a doctor is very important and everyone is entitled to medical and routine dental care and treatment from the NHS. Doctors are there to help you and will want to hear about any symptoms that are bothering you.

Dentists are trained to see the early signs of mouth cancer and it is highly recommended that everyone has regular check-ups. If you do not already have a doctor or dentist make a free telephone call to 111 and you will be guided to a doctor or dentist in your area.

Useful Products

  • Swab sticks – can be obtained from
    Kapi-cups – Kapitex is the supplier
  • Oral gel for pain relief – stocked by Gelclair